Pre-engineered CHP systems provide proven product for operators
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Pre-engineered combined heat and power (CHP) systems can provide customers with a variety of benefits when compared to customized CHP systems, Mike McElligott, sales engineer at European Power Systems (EPS) told Gas to Power Journal at COGEN Canada's annual seminar in Calgary. "The standardized design means that there is no custom work necessary. Because there are thousands of these units out there, the standardized unit is proven and the customer is not going to be in the position of having to work the bugs out of a custom system," he said.
McElligott said that pre-engineered designs are also the most cost effective method for a customer to benefit from a CHP facility. "When you have a pre-engineered design, you're not going to have to make any unexpected changes in the field and these types of changes are always costly," he said. "Furthermore, because the CHP unit operates as a system, if you change one component in one place, it may go on to affect something else in another part of the system adding further costs.
He added that standardized units also allow greater quality control due to their modular design. "Our CHP units come apart almost like a lego system so if something is not right, it can be dealt with at the modular level as opposed to after the installation has already been completed," he said.
As Canadian distributor for German packager 2G, EPS provides "gas to wire solutions" where the company handles the design, build, site commissioning and handing over of the CHP facility for the customer. McElligott said that when it comes to engine choice, 2G utilizes MAN engines for facilities under 500kW and GE's Jenbacher engines for facilities over 500kW.
"The whole power plant is designed around those generators. However, it's important to remember because a CHP plant is a system, it's only as strong as its weakest link. Still, it's great to start with the best components and when we look at generators, we want to have those that are highly efficient and with a great reputation for maintenance," he said. EPS' scope of supply includes packaged CHP modules for units typically under 500kW, containerized systems for units up to 1.4MW and pre-fabricated systems for units up to 4.4MW.
EPS is also the North American distributor for Tenergy's energy management system that McElligott says can help operators realize important cost savings. "The Tenergy system is an important business decision making tool. It's integrated with the plant's heating system and also monitors spot prices for both electricity and gas, allowing it to make decisions with regards to whether to run the units or shut them down, to run them at part load, or to add or take away boiler heat," he said. "Essentially, it takes the decision making out of the hands of a person and hands them over to a computer to maximize financial potential."
"Plenty of opportunity" for pre-engineered CHPs
Graham Harrison, technical sales at EPS told Gas to Power Journal that there were a lot of potential customers out there for pre-engineered cogeneration units in Canada. "Essentially any company that uses a balance of heat and power, whether it's a brewery, a sewage plant, a slaughter house, etc... could benefit from such a system. There's plenty of opportunity out there," he said. "It's a matter of making people realize that by going to distributed generation, they can save a lot of money when it comes to bringing power on site. In addition to cost savings, we're also seeing companies increasingly concerned about security of supply which is another benefit which CHP can provide."
Harrison pointed out a recent successful installation by EPS of a 12MW cogeneration facility for greenhouses in Leamington, Ontario. "The customer has had excellent results from the installation including cost savings and the performance of all the equipment," he said. "The concept of the building module really speaks for itself here because all the equipment is pre-engineered and you don't miss anything this way."
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